Prediction: 2015 Best Picture

This is the most unpredictable race in years. So many outstanding films. Nonetheless I will breakdown each nominee and my bold prediction for this year’s winner of Best Picture. And the nominees are... The Big Short The Big Short hits on all the right notes at all the right times. The subject matter was challenging … Continue reading Prediction: 2015 Best Picture


Life is Beautiful

This past Wednesday our local megaplex had another questionable “classic” in its classic film series. While I can appreciate the many qualities of Back to the Future, a classic film it is not. In fact, I suggest that it hasn’t aged well at all and our collective understanding of movie and TV time travel (see: … Continue reading Life is Beautiful

Oscar Predictions, Part 5

Alright, this is it. My prediction for Best Picture. Conventional wisdom, and Oscar history, would tell you that any film whose director doesn’t get nominated cannot and will not win Best Picture. Between 1932 and 2011 it only happened once when Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture in 1989. But then Argo happened. Maybe it … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 5

Oscar Predictions, Part 1

It’s the final week before the Academy Awards which means it’s time for my final Oscar predictions. My long (and often quite pleasant) mission of seeing all of the films and performances nominated has reached its conclusion. In addition to my prognostications on what the Academy will do I have also included my personal picks. … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 1