Let me tell you about the first time I watched Titanic. I was 25 years old, visiting my family for Christmas. The word was already out about Titanic which was released December 19, 1997. So we all headed down to the local megaplex and settled in for a three hour epic that we all knew … Continue reading Titanic


Prediction: 2015 Best Picture

This is the most unpredictable race in years. So many outstanding films. Nonetheless I will breakdown each nominee and my bold prediction for this year’s winner of Best Picture. And the nominees are... The Big Short The Big Short hits on all the right notes at all the right times. The subject matter was challenging … Continue reading Prediction: 2015 Best Picture

1997 All Over Again… But Better

The year was 1997. Stop me when this sounds familiar. Box office giant Titanic stormed through Oscar night picking up technical award after technical award. It also won Oscars for its score and director (James Cameron). But the film did not receive a nomination for its screenplay and the film’s lead actress (Kate Winslet) was … Continue reading 1997 All Over Again… But Better

Oscar Predictions, Part 4

We’re in the home stretch of Oscar prediction week. Today I’ll take a look at the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees. There is some really solid work in both of these categories and despite what some predict, I don’t think either of these are a lock.Best Actor NomineesChristian Bale (American Hustle) – This guy … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 4

Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Oscar prediction week marches on with the nominees for Best Director. This year it is entirely possible that the Best Picture will not have been directed by the Best Director. So this category is wide open.   Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)  – What a miracle this movie is. I recently read an interview with Steve Lawes the … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Oscar Predictions, Part 1

It’s the final week before the Academy Awards which means it’s time for my final Oscar predictions. My long (and often quite pleasant) mission of seeing all of the films and performances nominated has reached its conclusion. In addition to my prognostications on what the Academy will do I have also included my personal picks. … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 1