2016 Prediction: Best Picture

Mein Damen und Herren! Mesdames et Messieurs! Ladies and Gentlemen! Without further ado I am pleased to present this year’s best picture nominees and my bold prediction for who will take home the biggest prize of the night. You might be surprised!* *(No you won’t. You won’t be surprised at all but just read it … Continue reading 2016 Prediction: Best Picture


2016 Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

Our countdown to the Oscars continues with predictions in my favorite categories...screenplays. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Very different films across the board makes this a challenging category to predict. There are legitimately 4 movies here that could win. Arrival by Eric Heisserer Any time someone asks me what I thought about Arrival I always tell them it … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

2016 Oscar Predictions: Supporting Actor and Actress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... In just under two weeks the best of the best of 2016 cinema will be celebrated and I have some thoughts on the subject. I find it very interesting that there are pairs of supporting nominees from three different films this year (Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions: Supporting Actor and Actress

Nomination Surprises

I ended up going 38 for 44 on my predictions. Apparently I missed the memo from the Writers Guild determining that Moonlight wasn’t eligible for original screenplay and put it in the adapted category instead. Besides that there were three main surprises in today’s nominations. First: Viggo Mortensen – Best Actor I wasn’t terribly impressed … Continue reading Nomination Surprises

2016 Oscar Nominee Predictions

Tomorrow morning the 2016 Oscar nominees will be announced. I look forward to this all year. I don’t know when I first started tracking Oscar buzz throughout the year, but I do know that my love of the Oscars started almost 25 years ago (my love of movies came long before that). I can only … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Nominee Predictions