2016 Oscars Aftermath: What Just Happened?

For exactly 2 minutes and 29 seconds La La Land was best picture. That was the time between when Faye Dunaway read the wrong envelope until La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz corrected the mistake on live television, telling Barry Jenkins and the team from Moonlight they were in fact the winners. Every year there … Continue reading 2016 Oscars Aftermath: What Just Happened?


2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actress

Oscar Week is finally here which means we're in the home stretch with the final predictions in the biggest categories starting with Best Actress. Some really wonderful work from this talented group of actresses. Amy Adams should be among them but it’s a little tricky figuring out who’s place she’d take. Isabelle Huppert, Elle I’ll … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actress

2016 Oscar Nominee Predictions

Tomorrow morning the 2016 Oscar nominees will be announced. I look forward to this all year. I don’t know when I first started tracking Oscar buzz throughout the year, but I do know that my love of the Oscars started almost 25 years ago (my love of movies came long before that). I can only … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Nominee Predictions

2015 Oscar Predictions, Part 1

The Academy Awards are just 6 days away so it’s time for me to make my final Oscar predictions. I have had the privilege and (mostly) pleasure of seeing every nominee in the major categories. So each day this week I’ll give you my take on each category, who I think will win and my … Continue reading 2015 Oscar Predictions, Part 1

Fraternal Twins

As we slam headfirst into full-blown Oscar season I am up to my armpits tracking buzz on various films and catching them at the local megaplex or art house theater if and when I’m lucky enough for them to come to town. Sometimes they come and go so quickly that you never even knew they … Continue reading Fraternal Twins