The Last Emperor

I’ve now officially seen every best picture ever. The Last Emperor was the final best picture winner on my list that I had never seen before. I was surprised and impressed with this movie. It was nothing like what I was expecting. The Last Emperor is a gorgeous masterpiece of cinematic art. The film has … Continue reading The Last Emperor


2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Director

The directing category is often the most difficult to evaluate. How much credit does the director get for what goes on the screen? How much is their vision and how much is the talent of the actors, writers, cinematographers, editors, and so on and so on. How much credit does a coach get for the … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Director

Predictions: Best Director

Maybe the toughest one to call this year. All these directors turned in some solid work. I have a feeling the winner might not have their movie called at the end of the night though. Lenny Abrahamson – Room Whenever I see a great performance from a child actor I usually give extra credit to … Continue reading Predictions: Best Director

2015 Oscar Predictions, Part 4

This is a 2-horse race with a third nipping at their heels. All of these directors, for different reasons, were extremely impressive. There were also a couple of other directors who could have landed in this category. It was a deep, deep year for great directing. BEST DIRECTOR Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel) – … Continue reading 2015 Oscar Predictions, Part 4

Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Oscar prediction week marches on with the nominees for Best Director. This year it is entirely possible that the Best Picture will not have been directed by the Best Director. So this category is wide open.   Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)  – What a miracle this movie is. I recently read an interview with Steve Lawes the … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 3