The Last Emperor

I’ve now officially seen every best picture ever. The Last Emperor was the final best picture winner on my list that I had never seen before. I was surprised and impressed with this movie. It was nothing like what I was expecting. The Last Emperor is a gorgeous masterpiece of cinematic art. The film has … Continue reading The Last Emperor


The Godfather

The Oscar Project has reached the exact halfway point. There were 44 best picture winners before The Godfather and there have been 44 best picture winners since The Godfather. I couldn't be more pleased that this film currently sits at the center of Oscar history. There have been countless books and articles written, and documentaries … Continue reading The Godfather

Classic Film Series – Ben-Hur

Over the last several weeks our local Cineplex has been running a series of classic films on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I have had the distinct privilege of going nearly each week with my aspiring film-maker son. Together we have seen some of the greats of all time on the big screen. This all started … Continue reading Classic Film Series – Ben-Hur

It Holds Up

I had the rare treat of sitting in a modern movie theater watching The Grapes of Wrath for the first time on the big screen. Our local megaplex is currently running a classic film series. This was extra cool because I went with my aspiring film-maker son who was also seeing it for the first … Continue reading It Holds Up