All-Time Best Picture Rankings #1-5

This is it. The top of list. The cream of the crop. The Mt. Rushmore (+1) of Oscar winners. These five films are not only the best movies to win the Academy Award for best picture, but they have gone down in history as some of the best films ever made. This isn't to say … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #1-5


All-Time Best Picture Rankings #6-10

What a stellar lineup of legendary films. This small group includes the first film to sweep the Big Five, the biggest blockbuster of all time, an epic of epic proportions, the film that changed movie acting and a script that manages to strikes a perfect balance between comedy and sadness. These are all older films. Not … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #6-10

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #11-19

What a diverse group of films. There are 8 decades represented in these 9 films. No other installment on this list has such a strong representation across all of Oscar history. I think that says a lot about their place in history, especially the older films. I know there are probably three or four (maybe … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #11-19

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #20-29

Where else but on an Oscars rankings can you have Ben-Hur, Birdman, The Sound of Music and Midnight Cowboy all show up on the same list? We've really come to the part of the list where every film is just a different shade of remarkable. Some remain the pinnacle of their genre, often imitated but never … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #20-29

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #30-39

We are starting to get into some really excellent films in this part of the list. Some of these are enduring classics, some are mostly forgotten brilliant gems and some are modern masterpieces. But all are fantastic films. I know some pundits like to put Crash at the very bottom of any best picture list … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #30-39

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #50-59

There is something great about all of these films but they all landed in the bottom half. For some they had spectacular moments but didn't sustain that greatness throughout. Others were consistently great but never elevated to something truly special. Nonetheless they are are all solid films. For almost every film on this list their … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #50-59

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #60-69

As we move up the rankings chart we're really out of what I would call the truly bad movies. I'm not saying movies #70-89 are all bad but from this point on there aren't really any more stinkburgers. And while this part of the list is still a bit of a mixed bag, most of … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #60-69

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #70-79

We have moved out of the bottom of the barrel but there are still a number of very sub-par movies in this part of the list. Titanic managed to escape being down in the very bottom on the merit of my epiphany about the true nature of the film. I almost feel bad for Tom Jones being … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #70-79

All-Time Best Picture Rankings #80-89

These rankings represent my take on all 89 best picture winners having watched each one consecutively. And although each one was voted the best picture of the year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, not all winners are created equally. I'll begin the rankings with the bottom of the barrel. Some of … Continue reading All-Time Best Picture Rankings #80-89

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Meine Damen und Herren... mesdames et messieurs...ladies and gentlemen... allow me to present to you, the undisputed "King of the Oscars"... The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Now, I’m not saying The Return of the King is the greatest Oscar winning film of all time. But no film in the 89 … Continue reading The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King