The Sting

As soon as I started watching The Sting I remembered seeing it as a kid and associating the song “The Entertainer” with this film. There wasn’t much else I could recall but hearing those first half dozen notes took me straight back to my childhood. At times the film has the feel of a movie … Continue reading The Sting


The Godfather

The Oscar Project has reached the exact halfway point. There were 44 best picture winners before The Godfather and there have been 44 best picture winners since The Godfather. I couldn't be more pleased that this film currently sits at the center of Oscar history. There have been countless books and articles written, and documentaries … Continue reading The Godfather

Ranking the Best Pictures of the 1960s

As I put this list together it’s refreshing that there aren’t any really terrible films. That does make it a little tricky because after Lawrence of Arabia the next three films are so close you could reorder them randomly and I wouldn’t argue with it. It also means putting some fairly well-made films toward the … Continue reading Ranking the Best Pictures of the 1960s