The Oscar Project

Even while we are all still scratching our heads about best picture announcement I’m already looking ahead to the 2017 Oscars. Of course I’ll be tracking dozens of movies starting as early as this week. But I have something else in mind I want to share with you. Next year will be the 90th Academy … Continue reading The Oscar Project


2016 Oscars Aftermath: What Just Happened?

For exactly 2 minutes and 29 seconds La La Land was best picture. That was the time between when Faye Dunaway read the wrong envelope until La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz corrected the mistake on live television, telling Barry Jenkins and the team from Moonlight they were in fact the winners. Every year there … Continue reading 2016 Oscars Aftermath: What Just Happened?

2016 Prediction: Best Picture

Mein Damen und Herren! Mesdames et Messieurs! Ladies and Gentlemen! Without further ado I am pleased to present this year’s best picture nominees and my bold prediction for who will take home the biggest prize of the night. You might be surprised!* *(No you won’t. You won’t be surprised at all but just read it … Continue reading 2016 Prediction: Best Picture

2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Director

The directing category is often the most difficult to evaluate. How much credit does the director get for what goes on the screen? How much is their vision and how much is the talent of the actors, writers, cinematographers, editors, and so on and so on. How much credit does a coach get for the … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Director

2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actor

We’re coming down the home stretch. Just a few days until the awards. While this group of actors is a talented bunch I think the Academy had a slight miss. Joel Edgerton or Jake Gyllenhaal should be in this group in place of Viggo Mortensen. But otherwise I have no complaints about these very worthy … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actor

2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actress

Oscar Week is finally here which means we're in the home stretch with the final predictions in the biggest categories starting with Best Actress. Some really wonderful work from this talented group of actresses. Amy Adams should be among them but it’s a little tricky figuring out who’s place she’d take. Isabelle Huppert, Elle I’ll … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Prediction: Best Actress

2016 Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

Our countdown to the Oscars continues with predictions in my favorite categories...screenplays. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Very different films across the board makes this a challenging category to predict. There are legitimately 4 movies here that could win. Arrival by Eric Heisserer Any time someone asks me what I thought about Arrival I always tell them it … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

2016 Oscar Predictions: Supporting Actor and Actress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... In just under two weeks the best of the best of 2016 cinema will be celebrated and I have some thoughts on the subject. I find it very interesting that there are pairs of supporting nominees from three different films this year (Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions: Supporting Actor and Actress