Nomination Surprises

I ended up going 38 for 44 on my predictions. Apparently I missed the memo from the Writers Guild determining that Moonlight wasn’t eligible for original screenplay and put it in the adapted category instead. Besides that there were three main surprises in today’s nominations.

captain-fantastic-viggoFirst: Viggo Mortensen – Best Actor

I wasn’t terribly impressed with his performance or the film (which I really did care for at all). And for being such a small film with above average reviews I was surprise it had the staying power to get Viggo nominated. He’s good but I wouldn’t consider it Oscar caliber. Joel Edgerton was far more captivating in Loving.

hidden-figures-john-glennSecond: Hidden Figures – Best Adapted Screenplay

Look, Hidden Figures, I like you. LIKE! I LIKE you. So while I’m not surprised it is up for picture and supporting actress (Octavia Spencer) the script was nothing special. And while the pickings were a little slim this year I’d have probably nominated Silence or Nocturnal Animals over it.

hacksaw-ridge-melThird: Mel Gibson – Best Director

This has zero to do with merit and everything to do with his last decade on Hollywood’s bad side. I’m thrilled for Mel to be back in the mix. Even in exile he did good work and that’s why 21 years after Braveheart he’s received his second directing nomination. And this is well-deserved.

I’ll have my picks soon and then my predictions for winners during Oscar week. Until then, tweet and FB accordingly.


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