Oscar Diversity

The 2015 Oscars have come and gone. Congratulations to all the winners. DiCaprio finally got his Oscar. We had a back-to-back Best Director winner for the first time since 1950. And Spotlight became the first Best Picture winner to take home fewer than 3 total Oscars since 1952’s The Greatest Show on Earth. I went … Continue reading Oscar Diversity


Prediction: 2015 Best Picture

This is the most unpredictable race in years. So many outstanding films. Nonetheless I will breakdown each nominee and my bold prediction for this year’s winner of Best Picture. And the nominees are... The Big Short The Big Short hits on all the right notes at all the right times. The subject matter was challenging … Continue reading Prediction: 2015 Best Picture

Predictions: Best Director

Maybe the toughest one to call this year. All these directors turned in some solid work. I have a feeling the winner might not have their movie called at the end of the night though. Lenny Abrahamson – Room Whenever I see a great performance from a child actor I usually give extra credit to … Continue reading Predictions: Best Director

Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

Although there are a couple of duds in the group, for the most part the screenplay nominees this year are pretty stout. Some of it is fairly clear cut but there are a lot of strong contenders. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY The Big Short The creativity it took to tell this story in a way that connected with … Continue reading Oscar Predictions: Screenplays

Oscar Week Begins!

It’s hard to believe that Oscar week is already here. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about Birdman, Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But here we are with a truckload of great movies to talk about. So without further ado... BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Christian Bale, The Big Short Christian Bale’s portrayal … Continue reading Oscar Week Begins!