My Take on the Selma Snub

Let me begin this by saying that I haven’t seen Selma yet.  So I can’t offer any kind of critique of the acting, directing, writing or any other film making aspects. What I do have a few thoughts about is its place, or lack thereof, in the Oscar nominations. I don’t know how much race plays … Continue reading My Take on the Selma Snub


Predicting the Nominees

The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning and thus begin the final march towards the film industry’s top prize. What I love about the Oscars is it is truly an industry award. It isn’t film critics or the people’s choice. It’s film makers awarding their fellow film makers. If I were a film maker … Continue reading Predicting the Nominees

2014 Film Year in Review

The Golden Globes are behind us and the Oscar nominations are announced on Thursday. But before I get into the throes of writing all about Oscar I wanted to highlight some of my thoughts from 2014 cinema. MOST FUN – 2014 Comic Book Movies Captain America 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Big Hero … Continue reading 2014 Film Year in Review