Oscar Predictions, Part 5

Alright, this is it. My prediction for Best Picture. Conventional wisdom, and Oscar history, would tell you that any film whose director doesn’t get nominated cannot and will not win Best Picture. Between 1932 and 2011 it only happened once when Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture in 1989. But then Argo happened. Maybe it … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 5


Oscar Predictions, Part 4

We’re in the home stretch of Oscar prediction week. Today I’ll take a look at the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees. There is some really solid work in both of these categories and despite what some predict, I don’t think either of these are a lock.Best Actor NomineesChristian Bale (American Hustle) – This guy … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 4

Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Oscar prediction week marches on with the nominees for Best Director. This year it is entirely possible that the Best Picture will not have been directed by the Best Director. So this category is wide open.   Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)  – What a miracle this movie is. I recently read an interview with Steve Lawes the … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 3

Oscar Predictions, Part 2

Day two of my countdown to the Oscars will focus on the nominees for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. I know it’s more politically correct to say “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” but I’m really not very politically correct. Best Supporting Actress Nominees Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) – Sally Hawkins is a … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 2

Oscar Predictions, Part 1

It’s the final week before the Academy Awards which means it’s time for my final Oscar predictions. My long (and often quite pleasant) mission of seeing all of the films and performances nominated has reached its conclusion. In addition to my prognostications on what the Academy will do I have also included my personal picks. … Continue reading Oscar Predictions, Part 1

My Accidental Movie Marathon

Through an unusual set of circumstances I found myself on the phone with my television provider voicing a complaint over a recent decision they had made which impacted my channel lineup. It wasn’t a major ordeal but I just wanted them to know it wasn’t cool with me. Since I have been with them for … Continue reading My Accidental Movie Marathon

The Expectation Factor

Meryl Streep - August: Osage County

My wife and I recently were able to conduct a little unplanned experiment as we continued our annual Oscar Watch. This past weekend she and I had an odd kind of date night. We went to the theater but she and I got tickets to different films. Back in December I saw American Hustle with … Continue reading The Expectation Factor